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Mother and Daughter Love

To the ones who have it all. 

And feel like they are only getting started. 

The ones who have everything they ever wanted.

And are here for so much more. 

You are being summoned

to embrace the calling of your soul. 

To rise beyond 

You are here for the extraordinary. 

You are here to be a true trailblazer. 

Living your unique expression of your genius

others simply marvel at. 

Success no longer matters to you

now that you’ve reached the summit. 

Now’s your time to be true to what lights you up more than anything else. 

Make yourself available for your essence. 



Next Level



Forget about executive presence. 

Forget about smashing your goals out of the park. 

Remember who you are. 

When you live in alignment with truth there’s nothing to hide, nothing to prove. 

Take your eyes off the prize and realize. 

Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all. 


Change your focus into what actually matters most to you that rings with truthful resonance. 

When you hear this, you feel it. 

 You know it and you're not scared of the truth.

You're scared of the lengths you'll go to fight for it.

Choose to radiate impact. 

Choose to live in flow. 

Choose to awaken astonishing personal power. 



Meditating in Mountains

Love is a trillion dollar business selling fear, neediness, and codependency in the guise of something higher. 

You rise higher. 

There’s no price that you will sell your value. 

Nothing that is worth living out of integrity with your values 


Elite social status games bore you in a million different ways. 

Magic dies in the world of the mundane, the marriage for security, a plain old existence that’s barely existing. 

You see love being used as a commodity to deny what’s real and true. 

Where will you draw your line in the sand

and live your heart's desire? 

Will you give up the fight and rise above your mind chatter? 

Your greatest adventure invites your full bodied yes. 

So expansive, and potent you can throw away all the scripts. 

When you give yourself a new vision to live from. 

When you see yourself as THE GIFT.

Wake up to the greatest luxury. 


In LOVE with the WHOLE OF YOU. 

And all that you create and DO.


This is the luxurious art of exquisite connection. 

Your body will thank you for allowing it to flow through. 

Every cell that makes up YOU! 

You have gotten hints of this LOVE beyond measure. 

You’ve had mindblowing sex that’s blown you wide open into another dimension. 

You feel blissfilled  when watching a sunset, on a tropical beach.

The on top of the world runners high, stretching beyond your perceived limits. 

The exhilarating thrill of closing multi-million dollar deals. 

That feeling of power, connection, godliness. 

But it is fleeting. 

It bursts and fades…

Imagine when that feeling elevates

and stays throughout each and every day.

Playing Piano

You see through the B/S like you have X-ray eyes. 

You’ve worked hard to thrive. 

To prove yourself. 

To be accomplished. 

You have a track record to compare with the best. 

But who really cares? 

You can keep playing the games you have mastered. 

Based on what society says matters. 

Or you can play your own game. 

Make your own music. 

Be loyal to your frequency. 

Express your magic and Rise to Loves' Next Level. 

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