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Ascension Aesthetics

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

You are the beholder...

the beauty ignited within yourself

is the same essence

that you see the world.

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Mountains Meet Lake
Changing your view changes the world

making the world more beautiful starts with you

Hand Woven Carpet

Beyond mere placement of objects
or what color your walls are

Ascension Aesthetics
creates resonance with your soul by design

Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

This is the foundation
for your heart’s creation

Stone Tower

Look around your space, what do your eyes drift to?
Do they fall on a picture of a loved one
or something you’ve been meaning to get to?
Does your mind get filled with joy
or start playing a game of need to do’s?
What pops out to you?

Where your attention is first drawn matters

Your environment is constantly communicating to you,
helping you curate your day

Yellow Stairs

Your environment is your domain

It is the structure that holds you

It is the world you live in 

Structure has integrity. 

The structure of a system will dictate

how that system works. 

Alter aspects to your system and your world will change. 

Reaching Out to the Sun

What area of your life could be a fuller expression of you?

What would you change?

Flower Blossoms

I’m working beyond the premise

           that tidying your place will create some results.


Everything you change in your environment

       has direct correlation to the entire web of your life. 

Become the ruler. of. your. kingdom.

Make your environment an exquisite expression of who  you are.

The world is brimming with beauty and yearning for ever greater expression.

Your golden essence is unfolding.  

The golden light
that you are.

Infuse it throughout your space through 
in everything
that you do.

I see the
beauty of you.

Imagine being in the most beautiful island paradise,
the crispness of the breeze, the warmth of the sun on your skin,
the glow of the ocean illuminating a brilliant blue 
everything is perfect and yet you may not see it...

Are you lost in your head
about needing to get somewhere
or are you at peace in your body
appreciating the thrill
of being alive in this moment?

Our inner state affects the environment
we are in and our experience of it.
Our mindset and energy are intermingled with our environment.

Olive Grove

The world is beautiful and here to support you. 

The environment you live in, 

the condition of your space gives your psyche messages

about what you think is possible 

Change your environment, change your life.  

Clean up and free up your space

Instill your aspirations and goals into your surroundings

They will become your reality. 


Beauty, Adventure, Exploration

Life is an adventure 

own your domain

go on the adventure you long for

grow beyond what you currently think is possible

playing your most divine game ever

living amongst Pure Heart True Love

all while maintaining a loving warm connected presence to the world and nature. 


My travels have shown me
the beauty of the world,
the myriad of different
organizational structures
that people live among.

The tiniest details 
demonstrate peoples’ connection and love for the world

the attention to details is where joy is birthed

 create an environment that flows from your being

There is always going to be resonance

between you and your environment 

- consciously or unconsciously -


I work with this model of resonance

to create a space that enables your best self. 

Increase your relationship


connection to your space, environment and with Nature...


Instill the passion that is inside of you into your surrounding world

Anchor it to remind you 
              -  creating a feedback loop -
       of greater clarity, greatness, and love.

Colorful Bubbles

Welcome to a world that is more magical...

than what we have been told or shown on tv.

Moonlit Night

Bring exquisite fluid loving grace into your world

that will spread and open a new way of being in


The world is ripe with magnificence

and beauty for those who have the courage to see. 

Play. Your. Biggest.

Game. Yet. 

and your life will profoundly change.

Snowy Trees Transparent

Yes, I choose resonance!

Apply now to have a conversation

about beautifying the world with

your essence

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