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Discover the potency
of Evolutionary Partnership 

We are Nalasa and Anthony 


Together we are... 

Loves’ Next Level 

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We are the carriers of the Pure Heart True Love frequency 


Our Living Legacy is to Transmit these codes of Pure Heart True Love into the New Earth Operating system for the expansion

and growth of all living beings.

We Guide those who are called on a Superconscious Adventure 

into their Bliss Blueprint using the

Art of Exquisite Connection, Conscious Ceremony and Creative Play. 


We create bespoke transformational programs for personal, partnership and planetary growth that bathe your world in beauty. 


Elevate you to levels of the game of life where the love flowing through your life inspires innovation and creates impact beyond measure. 

Our Story...

A feeling swept through us that elevated our entire body, mind and soul.


It was ancient and timeless.

A summons to up-level into the superconscious operating system 

 A full bodied yesto painting

the world with the art of exquisite connection.

We first received the transmission

of the Pure Heart True Love frequency

just over a decade ago. 


We were on the magical island of Kauai. 

Kauai, Hawaii

We knew that it would take years of integration, stabilization and dedication

to receive the full download of this energy.

To be fully worthy of sharing this whole new way of loving as our offering for humanity's evolution

We knew the true power of partnership as an evolutionary force is about using the creative potency of sexual union to usher in a system based on universal principles of wisdom, caring and prosperity. 

We knew that one day when the time was right

and we were ripe we would connect with our One True Loves. 


We knew that life is an adventure to be lived, a mystery to experience,

a wonder to behold and a playground to explore

and by seeing life through this lens

we would be able to live as energetically sovereign, whole and liberated beings.

We knew in every cell of our being that...


Our first night together we were sparked
with an indescribable feeling,
an intense stillness of calm awakening fused with bliss, peace, and surrender we both knew we wanted this aliveness to go on forever. 

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Pure Heart True Love frequency
ignited our connection,
we remembered Kauai and our first transmission. 

We saw our Bliss Blueprint laid out before us.


A field of possibility where everything was truly for us

from a global business empire to projects that bring conscious media to the masses all flowing to us with ease and grace.


A field of possibility where your True Vision comes to life

and flows to you with grace and ease. 


We reconnected with our time on Kauai

when we received the Pure Heart True Love frequency. 


An iridescent thread of beauty that weaves the tapestry of our adventure.


As we step off roadmaps, move beyond formulas, drop preconceived notions of what will be and tune in to the moment to moment choices that reveal the most organic, orgasmic, effortless timelines to play on. 


In Our World 

We listen to Gaia and tune in to our highest future calling us to be all we can be... 

We create ceremonial spaces for sacred sexual union. 

We design our lives around beauty.

We enjoy deep conversations that cover the full spectrum - everything from education, systems thinking to sacred geometry.


We tune in to the childlike innocence of our genius to accomplish what’s truly possible and what we truly care about. 


We nourish ourselves, our bodies, our partners, our families, our teams, our communities. 


We take deep dives to see eagle rays swimming in the ocean or meditate in caves in absolute darkness. 


We flourish in our work and uplift everything from soil to soul. 

We laugh easily and take pleasure in the sensations of humanness. 


We live from the exquisite connection of the Pure Heart True Love frequency. 

We emerge into the New Earth and a world bathed in beauty.

Our Sovereign Wholes

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Anthony Ogley

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Anthony Ogley is the ultimate guide to visionary leaders with bold missions that create civilisation level change.

He is ushering in a new era of leadership founded on the path of heart to create realities that support the emergence of whole system flourishing and nourish everything from soil to soul.

Through sharing timeless wisdom and facilitating profound insights into the nature of mind, performance and love he offers unprecedented levels of support to his clients to access reservoirs of potential and amplify ripples of impact created by bringing their True Vision into form.

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Nalasa is one of 12 carriers of the Pure Heart Love frequency and founder of Ascension Aesthetics, a bespoke design company that allows her clients to awaken their hearts to divinity and embrace their fullest expression inside and out.

Combining a natural ability to communicate with the layers of existence beyond the conventional with a gift for the energetics of space, design and whole systems thinking she creates unique masterpieces with beauty and function in mind.

As the Creatrix of Elemental Sexual Alchemy and Sensationalism, Nalasa enraptures her clients with leads them to directly access their Divine Operating System to support an expansive way of being for a new era of design with beauty and love at its heart.

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Evolutionary Partnership
Shifts the way we Play 

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Do you feel your souls desire?
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