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Legacy ~ Leadership ~ Love

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Anthony Ogley is the ultimate guide to visionary leaders with bold missions that create civilization level change.

His natural ability to tune into the ultra specific frequencies of greatest potential results takes his clients on a journey into the unknown beyond perceived physical, emotional and mental limits to produce an experience that elevates societies and ushers in a global enlightenment.

As a carrier of Pure Heart Love Anthony plays at the Highest Levels of Consciousness supporting agents of transformation to enjoy permanent shifts in their identity and bring their impossible dreams into blissful realities.


Through sharing timeless wisdom and facilitating profound insights into the nature of mind, performance and love he supports his clients to access reservoirs of potential and expand the ripples of impact they create.

Anthony is sought out by visionaries who are transforming entire industries, creating foundations to support First Nation peoples, pioneering innovations in regenerative agriculture, clean energy, conscious media and education.

After many years of personal development and research into consciousness, systems thinking, somatic bodywork, group flow states, Anthony had an awakening experience that shifted his worldview and brought him to an unshakable connection with power of Supreme Being.

The God that lives within each one of us yet few are able to surrender to and be inspired by this astonishing personal power.

He sees a new way of being, daring to live from a world where connection is currency and greatness is measured in how alive can be as we elevate beyond the resonance of conflict and onto a timeline of thriving.

He sees how people and entire systems can be supported and assisted to be arranged in a more efficient and effective way.

Aligned with truth, living in flow, with increased capacity for love. Whole, free and fully functional beings creating what they love.

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