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It's time to create the life you love and align your world

Do you have big dreams, a desire to live surrounded by beauty with optimal functioning, with nuggets of frequency reminders for you to consistently be your best self?

Are you moving to a new home or looking for an energetic upgrade?


Nalasa's unique methodology of whole system energetic design creates a world that sings your soul alive.

This is beyond simple placement of objects,

Together we find your souls power and infuse it throughout your environment.

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Offers & Packages

Interior Design

24K Golden Infusion Day

2 hour Environmental Energy Upgrade

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We start here - an introductory place to delve into your vision and your environment.

Clarity, Energetic infusion into your space, alignment of your being, and a blueprint of design elements to create your ideal environment.. 

Luxury Mansion Interior

Brilliance Soul to Soil Alignment & Blueprint

2 day ascension blueprint

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Bridge the physical and the mystical with my signature deep dive overhaul of your space. We work on the energetic and physical levels creating resonance with your essence and vision. 


Day 1 - Golden Infusion Day - We will energetically align your space with your essence self - including getting clear on what lights you up and what feeds your soul.


This is a ceremonial day, where we energetically cleanse, get into alignment and anchor your specific frequencies along with Nalasa’s signature Pure Heart True Love frequency into your environment. 


Day 2 - Radiant Home Audit - Delivering a multi-faceted blueprint of your space, clarity of vision, design upgrades, recommendations for colors, elements, plants, and organization. 

Plants and Pottery

The Beauty Way

3-9 month
Ongoing Multi-faceted Structural Support 

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Nalasa works with a select handful of clients long term. Ongoing full energetic and material mastery to design your environment and life with your souls brilliance. 

New Home

Resonance Relocation Package

3-9 month whole system support

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Personalized Home consulting to assist in buying, moving, and planting roots in new location.
Includes Brilliance Soul to Soil Alignment
and Beauty Way Support

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All offerings consist of working 1:1 with Nalasa


This is an opportunity to design your life and your world from the inside out.

By working with your physical space, we delve into your psyche and transform your environment into a space that does more than simply supports  you, but enlivens and aligns your soul  - instilling your dreams and beingness into your space. 

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