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Lover of Life ~ Artist ~ World Adventurer


A central sun from another galaxy

Her mission on this planet is to love with abandon and awaken hearts to their divine nature filled with adventure, beauty and orgasmic bliss.
As a living transmitter of the New Earth frequencies and one of the 12 holders of the Pure Heart Love resonance, Nalasa brings a joyful connection with Nature and the Universe that gifts people access to their Divine Operating System with reverence for the physical experience.

Creator of Ascension Aesthetics
Nalasa interacts and designs spaces and environments that are filled with beauty that allows her clients to embrace their fullest expression inside and out.

Utilising a unique method of design, she works with her clients to reimagine their world. With an astute awareness of the elements and the natural environment, Nalasa embraces a person's essence with depth and play creating harmonic resonance throughout.

Nalasa has an innate understanding of design theory, energetics, whole systems thinking, human ecology and behavior creating masterpieces with human embodiment and function in mind.


Nalasa's path has been well traveled & winding.


After a near-death experience at 2 years old to the death of her sister at 6, and growing up across the United States her daring love of adventure was instilled at a young age.


Nalasa has developed a natural gift for communicating with the layers of existence beyond the conventional and fully embraces the joy of living life as a full bodied... 



Nalasa graduated from UC Berkeley, has travelled to over 40 countries, has 20+ years in the human development sphere, founded a vegan cafe in Ecuador, slept under the stars on top of a moving bus in Nepal, swam with whale sharks on the west coast of Australia, sailed up the Baja peninsula, meditated in caves, and has climbed mountains on 3 continents. She has trained in shamanism, The Art of Council, and the Next Octave of Love, served board positions at non- profits, anchored sacred new geometries into Gaia’s energetic operating system, has laughed, cried and loved with the richness of life.

Inspiring Greatness

Creatrix of Elemental Sexual Alchemy and Sensationalism, Nalasa cuts through the mundane and sees the profoundness of seemingly ordinary tasks. Her level of spiritual agility and astuteness of the magnitude of love in the world flows from her being and lips enrapturing those she works with.

Nalasa relishes in the beauty of the world, lives with her eyes wide open, breathes in flow with the universe and walks the world in love to bring leaders and lovers to an expansive way of living that supports the unfolding of themselves and the New Earth.

Image by Alexas_Fotos


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